The Jungle of Communication - How not to Get Lost?

Speakers: Jānis Palkavnieks (Draugiem Group), Juris Jurāns (TVNET), Angela Jafarova (Datorium).

Moderator: Ieva Treija (

When you are starting a company, you have to manage everything. Communication is not an exception. You should post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. The text is not enough. You have to make pictures and videos. Company profiles are not enough - you have to keep your personal profile up to date as well. And what about PR activities? You have to work with journalists, write blog posts. Or probably you don't have to do it. This discussion will help you understand what communication activities are really worth it in which company development stage.

Jānis Palkavnieks is a spokesperson of Draugiem Group. His career started by heading the development of the pubic relations department of the University of Latvia and leading as the director. Later he offered PR consultations to members of the European Parliament. Afterwards he worked as the editor of politics at, and created and lead the first Latvian internet television, Diena.Tv. His career continued in TET (Lattelecom) as a PR specialist, blogger, and creator of the social media communications strategy. Palkavnieks has studied religion and law sciences at the University of Latvia, and has interned in crisis communication management at Akademie Führung und Kommunikation and brand management MBA at the London Business School.

Juris Jurāns (TVNET) - A recent graduate from Riga Stradins university Political science department, continuing studies in International relations field. I work as an analytical journalist in one of the largest online media groups in Latvia - TVNET GROUP. Journalism has always been a passion of mine, because I believe it comes with a sense of mission. To uncover the wrongdoings of state or people, and to help reveal the truth. In both - my academic studies and line of work - communication is the key, since the fact checking, either when working on an article or writing scientific research, is the sole base for my line of argumentation.  

Angela Jafarova is the cofounder of European Coding School Datorium. The school's community members are young people of age approximately 15 - 25. In spite of this tricky age group thet have managed to create a digital space for young people, where they can communicate on different IT topics (not just gaming), share their coding project ideas, build teams for hackathons and contribute to community by peer-to-peer education.

Ieva Treija is the CEO of, as well as an editor at Labs of Latvia. She has years of experience in journalism, marketing and public relations. Her work is mostly connected with content regarding technologies and innovations.