VC perspective: Software vs. EnergyTech

Speakers: Eva Arh

Marili Merendi

Rokas Peciulaitis

Moderator: Olga Barreto Goncalves

The moderator of this panel, Olga Barreto Goncalves, says: “The devastating impact of Covid-19 is here to last: while some are counting losses, others unearth opportunities they never knew existed before. The VC world is embracing a lot of changes, too. By choice or by force. How does the celebrated "new normal" look from here?” Check this discussion, where panelists from two different areas are joining, representing EnergyTech VC and Software VC and being a part of investing in startups. What is really particular to EnergyTech vs what is particular to Software?

Eva Arh is a Principal at capital300, a leading European venture capital fund that invests together with international top VCs across Central Eastern Europe and the German-speaking area. Previously she worked with founders at Austria's biggest high-tech incubator, leading activities related to fundraising & internationalization. She has also served as a CFO and Investor Relations manager in tech startups. She holds a Master's Degree in International Management / CEMS from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Marili Merendi is the Associate at Karma Ventures - an early-stage VC with a special focus on late seed and Series A investments in Europe's most promising tech startups. At Karma, Marili covers the deal sourcing, deal execution, and all-round portfolio management tasks. Previous experience from various international organizations such as financial planning and analysis at Kraft Foods, over-the-counter derivatives valuations at UBS Investment Bank, and HNWI client advisory at UBS Wealth Management in Zürich. MSc in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam, complemented by additional studies in the US, Norway, and Switzerland. Music fan and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Rokas Peciulaitis is a founding and managing partner at Contrarian Ventures. Previously inflation and derivatives trader at Bank of America Merrill Lynch based out of London. Most recently, he was overseeing the launch of an Aviation investment vehicle at Avia Solution Group. In addition, was part of the exclusive government program “Kurk Lietuvai”, where he was advising Lithuanian government institutions, including the Ministry of Economy, Enterprise Lithuania, and Ministry of Energy on entrepreneurship and key strategic projects. He is also co-founder of Gatepool and serves as a Strategic Advisor.