Leaders Wanted: Masters of Change at a Moment of Truth

Speaker: Stanislavs Hilcuks (Accenture)

According to the Accenture Technology Vision 2021, technology was a lifeline during the global pandemic – enabling new ways of working and doing business, creating new interactions and experiences, and improving health and safety. Technology forever changed expectations and behaviors and created entirely new realities across every industry. As companies shift from reacting to the crisis, to reinventing what comes next, the boldest, most visionary leaders – those who use technology to master change – will define the future, says the 21st annual report from Accenture predicting the key technology trends that will shape businesses and industries over the next three years.

Stanislavs is the Innovation Hub Technical lead and Industry X Business lead at Accenture. He has more than 10 years’ experience in managing small and large-scale end-to-end projects with expertise in system integration management, operations management, and technical and business process lifecycle management. He is well fit into establishing corporate innovation services, driving mind-set change and creating innovative environment. Stanislavs acquired great innovations skill-set working with start-up services, such as tailored machine learning solutions. He is a passionate AI and cloud-based intelligent solutions enthusiast and evangelist.