Hobby and Business: The Potential of a New Entrepreneur

Speaker: Zane Gusta (Liepāja University)

Students who want to start a business don’t have to wait until after they graduate to get started. There are plenty of steps and opportunities aspiring entrepreneurs can take to prepare themselves for the real world while still in university. University can be a great place to start forming business as this environment offers many free resources that aren’t typically available to those who aren’t in university. Of course, almost everyone has to come across a business idea failure, but that's not the end of the business, it is possible to achieve success by acquiring new knowledge and of course working.

Zane Gusta is a lecturer at Liepaja University, and co-founder of LavenderVilla. She is an entrepreneur with 8 years of experience. After living abroad for several years, in 2013 Zane moved back to her hometown Liepaja, where she began studying at the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences at Liepaja University. Gaining and practicing knowledge she started the company in the Liepaja region, growing lavender for different types of products which are based on using residue-free and environmentally friendly technology and has developed rural tourism products with focusing on well-being activities. She has a master’s degree in environmental sciences-ecotechnology, and she works a lecturer at the Liepaja University, involved in tourism and recreation business processes.