How Start-ups Can Facilitate Smart Sustainable City Development

Speakers: Inese Andersone (Riga City Council), Kārlis Mendziņš (SimpleCharge), Keitija Litte (Velorūme).

Moderator: Viesturs Celmiņš (VEFRESH)

During the discussion, a Riga City Council representative will explain what has been done in the pilot territory and how it differs from other territories in Riga. In addition, two startup representatives will tell more about their experience while piloting their business ideas in the Riga Pilot territory in the VEF district.

Inese Andersone is the Chair of the City Development Committee at Riga City Council.)

Kārlis Mendziņš is the CEO of SimpleCharge. SimpleCharge is devoted to make electric car charging available to both users and infrastructure managers by offering a smart charging solution that integrates with street lighting poles and doesn't strain the grid.

Keitija Litte studies Masters in Creative Industries and has a passion for city planning, people's well-being and non-formal education. She has experience in event planning, concept creation, and small start-up projects including Velorūme - a safe, easy-to-use bicycle storage system.

Viesturs Celmins is an urban planner working with the strategy and design of smart cities. Viesturs leads VEFRESH innovation district in Riga.