Smart objects boosted by artificial intelligence

Speaker: Joël Rubino

Artificial intelligence is the buzzword of the moment and conveys a lot of fantasy for humans... but 200 million machines on earth just want to do a better job. How artificial intelligence technology can easily help manufacturers make their production lines "self-aware" and improve their maintenance in a predictive and very simple way?

Joël Rubino began his career in 1984 at the IBM research center in Nice. After holding various technical, marketing, and sales positions during the first 10 years of his career, in 1997 he joined the IBM Software division in New York as Director of worldwide developments on a range of IBM software. Upon his return from the United States in 2000, he joined the management board of IBM France as Marketing Director. In 2005 he was appointed Vice President of Marketing Europe, based at IBM Europe headquarters in Madrid. In 2008 he took over as Vice President of Small Business Sales for Europe. Upon his return to France in 2011, he joins the IBM France Management Committee as Vice President in charge of digital transformation and relations with presidential candidates. After 3 decades at IBM, he decided in 2012 to found his own start-up, Apicube, which specialized in big data and social media analytics for marketing departments where he was CEO. In 2016 he cofounded Cartesiam, a company specializing in embedded artificial intelligence "at the edge", where he currently holds the position of CEO.