Open innovations in Higher Education Institutions - How to Involve Students in Improving HEIs?

Speakers: Līga Peiseniece (BA School of Business and Finance), Eva Ūbele (BA School of Business and Finance), Märt Aro (EdTech Estonia).

Moderator: Vilhems Karlsons

How can higher education institutions involve their students in improving the quality and environment of the institution? What is the role of open innovations in HEIs? A panel discussion among academic staff members and students of Baltic universities.

Līga Peiseniece is the Rector of BA School of Business and Finance. She is an associate professor, researcher on sustainability, human resource management and financial literacy. Līga is convinced that students bring new ideas and processes to the university.

Eva Ūbele is a 3rd year student at the BA School of Business and Finance, and chairwoman of the students' self-government.

Märt Aro is the chairperson at EdTech Estonia. His involvement in the field of education development dates back to his secondary school years which saw Märt organising educational events for peers on a national level. Since 2004, Märt has established numerous organisations and companies in the area of education development.

Vilehelms Karlons. An improv actor and an event host, Vilhelms is driven by understanding different opinions and creating meaningful conversations. This often places him in the shoes of a moderator or a reporter. Trying to find a balance between entertaining and asking thought provoking questions, he aims at making any talk that he is taking a part in memorable in the best way possible.