Fireside chat with Maximilian Birner, BOXHUB

Speaker: Maximilian Birner

Moderator: Ansis Egle

Ansis Egle, Marketing leader at TVNET GRUPA, is talking with Maximilian Birner, co-founder, and CEO of BoxHub. In this talk find out if the idea of alternative use of shipping containers can impact climate change and how it can improve the environment. Is container architecture a growing industry?

Maximilian is Co-Founder & CEO of BOXHUB, an online platform for intermodal shipping containers that are repurposed for alternative use (housing, storage, retail, or hospitality space), thereby addressing both environmental sustainability and affordable housing challenges. He is on this years' Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list. Previously, Maximilian led the Founders Pledge community in Europe, helping them to grow to 1200 members in 30 countries (incl. the people behind Delivery Hero, Spotify, WeWork, Uber, Soundcloud, Farfetch, Google Deepmind, Glovo) with a total donation value of over $2 billion. He also co-founded a non-profit online donation and volunteering platform in the Middle East, which was taken over by the Crown Prince Foundation of Jordan. His first business Tamoco has become one of the largest geospatial data networks in the world with over 200 million MAU's, enabling businesses to build more valuable products, understand audiences, and make better strategic decisions.