Succeed amid Digital Marketing Chaos - Scope of the Future

Speaker: Jolanta Derkevica-Pilskunga (Turība University)

Be fast, build the trust and be authentic - these are the key words for success amid digital marketing chaos. Brand trust and loyalty are becoming more and more interconnected. On the other hand, if fast, then the main characteristic feature of trends - to meet people's needs more holistically and authentically. Trust - deliver what is promised, ensure transparent and reliable messaging. How to find the balance among trust, speed and authenticity? Let's try to find answers.

Jolanta has a PhD in Media and Communication science. She is the author of several publications, lecturer at Turiba University, Director of Master's Degree Program in Public Relations. She is an entrepreneur - manager of various integrated marketing communications and brand management projects. Head of agency JDP Integrated Communications. For more than 17 years professional and scientific activities have involved marketing, brand management and mass media. Member of Latvian Public Relations Association (LASAP), mentor. Member of Association of Marketing Professionals of Latvia (LMPA).