Coming Closer Together. The Hybrid Transformation of B2B Communities

Speakers: Tassilo Ott (Talque), Kaspars Dancis (Whimsical).

Moderator: Adele Pužule

Before the pandemic, communities were mainly meeting regularly via real life meetings and events, and had only limited digital contact during the time between meetings and the next event. Because of Covid-19, many organisations have had to switch their working formats to digital formats. It is expected that by 2023, most of the events will have returned, but the question is – what will happen to the digital channels? Will new platforms emerge or will the established players survive and transform? How can startups use this communication transformation process in order to establish something new? Is "hybrid" only a temporary and somewhat meaningless buzzword or something really fundamental and important?

Tassilo Ott is the founder of talque, the digital event platform. After completing his doctorate in theoretical physics / string theory, Tassilo Ott worked, among other things, as a management consultant, head of business development and managing director for Georg von Holtzbrick / TNT, where he dealt with the product development of digital online services. Over the past 6,5 years he has built talque with his co-founder Volker Braun. talque now tries to tie together the digital and analogue ("real") world in a way that the world hasn't seen before, massively using geo-components.

Kaspars Dancis is the co-founder and CEO at Whimsical. Product and engineering leader with 20+ years of experience. Proponent of distributed work.

Adele Pužule works as an associate at a law firm, studies Law & Diplomacy at Riga Graduate School of Law, as well as is the head coach of the Latvian National Debate Team. In her free time, she enjoys deep diving in topics such as critical thinking and international relations, as well as is an avid fan of theatre and dance.