Unlocking the hidden value of health data

Speaker: Emil Syundyukov

Limitation for accelerating the collaborative research has long existed before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Within the Pandemic crisis, the challenge was raised and the interest was shown by multiple industries, seeing the biomedical and healthcare topics as a cornerstone for "getting back to normal". Laying in the challenges within siloed, unharmonized biomedical datasets and legal aspects, also including challenges of patients and population engagement into the research initiatives, during the presentation, based on the case studies of multiple companies (including Longenesis), we will talk on how technologies can be used as a modern "screwdriver", for applying its instruments towards making use and opening the hidden value of health data.

Emil Syundyukov - computer scientist dedicated to problem-solving in Healthcare and Education. Emil has 8 years of experience in applied research, combining competence in Computer Science towards the applications in Healthcare. In parallel with academic experience, previously co-founded and worked in multiple Startup ventures, and for the last 2 years is a CTO of Longenesis, uniting medical specialists and computer scientists, working with the industry leaders towards accelerating the collaborative research within the biomedical ecosystem worldwide.