Food trends of the future

Speakers: Rūta Ozola-Davidāne

Vaira Obuka

Nadīna Elekse, communications manager at Riga Technical University Design factory and the moderator of the panel discussion, tells that the food system and the food industry is a bit more complex. It’s not just the things that end up on our plate, it’s the whole logistics of it, it’s how we grow it, how we consume it, how we package it, and at the end of the day, it’s all of the things that go to waste. She tells, that there is a critical need for innovation and young minds as the food industry is broken.In this panel, you will have a chance to meet two researchers and winners of the EIT Food Innovation Prize - Rūta Ozola-Davidāne and Vaira Obuka. Together they are talking about what the future of our food will look like? What are the main focus areas of research in Latvia and what changes can we expect on our plates in the next decade?

Rūta Ozola-Davidāne is one of the Smart Sensors technology developers and a researcher at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences. She has participated and been a scientific manager in various national and international projects under EIT Raw Materials, ERDF, Interreg as well as the State Research programs.

Mg.nat.sci Vaira Obuka, researcher, Ph.D. candidate, University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth, has participated as a project coordinator and manager in local and international projects, for example, Interreg Central Baltic, Interreg Baltic Sea region, Swedish Institute. Major field of study: an investigation of new uses of various materials with the main goal to look for possibilities of wider use of natural materials, industrial by-products, and renewable local resources.