Is Design Thinking an exclusive property of designers?

Speaker: Lilita Sparāne

Nowadays Design Thinking is widely used not only as a creative method but also quite often as a buzzword. There are many different views about it, whether Design Thinking is a holistic concept of design learning, or is it a multidisciplinary concept which aims to deliver a special methodology for interdisciplinary creative work. Or maybe is it something else? All those provocative questions will be looked at from the non-designer point of view.

Lilita Sparāne, Expert-Programme Director at BA School of Business and Finance, has solid experience in leading the processes of developing new educational programmes, ICT clusters, incubators, accelerators, and interdisciplinary innovation platforms for start-ups and youth, as well as in advisory field regarding strategic planning, innovation procurement, project management and use of creative methods in problem-solving areas. Also being a member of the Strategic Management Council at the Ministry of Education and Science and a member of the Design Council at the Ministry of Culture she takes part in the process of developing new approaches for the implementation of the cross-sectoral activities and new collaboration models between private, public and academic sectors. She is passionate about out-of-box thinking and making things happen!