Team Voilà - Investing in Experiences

Speaker: Daniela Studente (Team Voilà)

"Team Voilà" encourages everyone to feel the hype by creating fun routes to get to know different regions of Latvia. How did their business journey start? What help have they received from the LU Student Business Incubator? What have been the greatest challenges and biggest highlights of launching their business? Hear from the founder of the company, Daniela Studente. The audience is invited to be involved and ask questions during the presentation.

Daniela Studente has graduated from the University of Latvia, having studied communication science, journalism and media production. Currently, it is her third year working for the LTV series “Environmental facts”. Minimalist moving through Europe with a backpack. She has already travelled 19 countries in Europe and climbed 16 mountain peaks. Working half time at Team Voila as a producer and developing HYPE routes for other travellers.