From a Company of 10 to Teams of 10 - Career Growth at Startups

Speakers: Lota Plezere (Printify), Nora Jonāse (Printify), Brian King (Printify).

Moderator: Hodhaifa Khadraoui (Printify)

The career development path in established organizations is defined and clear. However, like everything else, it is not so straightforward at startups. How can you take most of your experience at a startup? How can you grow as a professional and reach new heights in the ever-changing environment? Meet Printify team members who will share their stories and also answer your questions.

Lota Plezere - Product Manager at Printify. Self-taught developer, coding bootcamp alumni, ex front-end teacher at various coding schools. Mentor at Riga Tech Girls. Cares about great UX and accessibility. Hopes to see more women in tech.

Nora Jonāse is an employer branding specialist at Printify. She leads external communication projects and internal initiatives to help the right people find the right jobs.

Brian King- UX Writer at Printify who specializes in using words to enhance product experiences. He works with designers, PMs, and researchers to engage and guide users through UI copy.

Hodhaifa Khadraoui - recruitment lead at Printify, oversaw the hiring of ~ 300 new employees in Printify for the past year, and currently, lead a recruitment team which focuses on engineering and products.