Big Data - a Doctor's Assistant or a Threat to a Patient's Right to Privacy and Confidentiality?

Speakers: Karīna Palkova (Rīga Stradiņš University), Maija Radziņa (Rīga Stradiņš University), Signe Bāliņa (University of Latvia).

Moderator: Kristaps Zaļais (Rīga Stradiņš University)

How is data used in modern medicine? What risks and threats are there for Big Data's faster entry into medicine? What are the risks of more and more data entering the e-environment thinking directly about security and confidentiality? A panel discussion on Big Data in medicine and whether it is an andvantage or a threat to the system.

Karina Palkova is Assistant professor and Leading researcher at Rīga Stradiņš University. As well as she is the Head of doctoral study programme "Law" at Riga Stradiņš University. From 2020 she is the attorney at law with the specialization is in the field of the medical law. Karinas Palkovas research field is Medical and Health law, the ethical aspects of robotics an AI in healthcare. She is the expert of the Latvian Council of Science in Social Sciences - Law. Karina Palkova is evaluation expert of the Latvian and Higher Education Quality Agency and Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Maija Radziņa is an Associate Professor of LU and Leading Researcher of RSU. She is the President of the Latvian Radiology Association and the long-term head of the The Latvian Society of Ultrasound. She is known as an enthusiastic teacher of clinical radiology and ultrasonography and a thorough researcher with notable international publications, including guidelines. In recent years, she has also been actively involved in the European Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine. Her work is devoted to the research of clinical issues and modern methods, as well as to the organization, strategic, educational and development issues (common standards for ultrasonography education and clinical practice in European countries, artificial intelligence solutions in medicine, development of nuclear medicine).

Signe Bāliņa (University of Latvia).

Kristaps Zaļais is a RSU Business incubator B-space mentor, lecturer of Department of International Business and Economics in RSU and the principal of Laurencu sakumskola. From his study process in university he has been interested and participating in startups and startup environment development. Now he is very happy to be able to use his theoretical and practical knowledge to help other young entrepreneurs to grow and follow their dreams. ICEBREAKERS aims to discover the submerged part of an iceberg. We aspire to encourage young professionals to explore the unknown diversity of business opportunities in various fields. We wish for more students to raise their ambitions and to look beyond the borders of their milieu in the journey of gaining experience and knowledge. In 2021. the main theme of the event was "Reinventing the Future", emphasizing the need for change, innovation, development and the ability to adapt to today's changing conditions.