Mentors vs Coaches: Who Can Add More Value to the Startup Journey?

Speakers: Evija Vaščenko (Open Mind Management), Zeev Strutsovski (Venture Faculty).

Moderator: Aija Brūvere (RISEBA University)

It's easy to get confused about the differences between coaching and mentoring. When you’re trying to make big strides in your business, the benefits of both mentorship and coaching may not always be obvious. We will explore the roles mentors and coaches can play to help startup succeed.

Evija Vascenko has been working as a coach since 2009. In her own journey she has been a coach to the startups and even mentor to the startups. Evija has an MBA from RBS and 13 years of experience in IT industry as well as 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. She completed various ICF accredited coach trainings and has been in the coach trainer role herself. In her coaching practice Evija works with leaders, leadership teams and also with startups and young people. Evija is partner in consulting company Open Mind Management.

Zeev Strutsovski is the co-founder and managing partner of Venture Faculty whose mission is to provide entrepreneurs an ecosystem in receiving guidance, growth and attracting investments. Venture Faculty works with startups focusing on Fintech, Adtech and SaaS solutions, on the other hand advising established companies in corporate finance. Zeev has 10+ years experience in private equity and business development, specialising in real estate, finance, and marketing.

Aija Brūvere is the Head of RISEBA Career Development and Alumni center. She has a Masters level degree in Coaching Psychology from Sydney University. And at the same time she has been actively working on establishing RISEBA Alumni Mentors club to allow Alumni help students on their journey. So Aija knows what both Coach and Mentor roles mean. As a creator of an App The Happiness Jar she has also been on a startup side of this story.